II am an apparel designer and material researcher interested in using technology and science to redefine what garments can be. I want to question what clothes mean to us as our second "skin" on both a conceptual and functional level. My explorations range from designing clothes for astronauts to growing my own bio-materials. I hope to continue to push my design and research skills to create meaningful, sustainable, and higher-performing garments!

I recently graduated from the Brown|RISD Dual Degree Program, studying material engineering at Brown University and apparel design at RISD. I have interned for the NASA Johnson Space Center, proposing garments for use on the International Space Station and the Artemis Missions, award-winning Austrian designer Julia Koerner, assisting in the design and development of garments that utilize 3D printing, and at the NASA Ames Research Center, where I worked on the development of Martian and Lunar habitats from mycelium, the vegetative structure of a fungus, and presented our findings at the 2018 Nasa Advanced and Innovative Concepts (NAIC) symposium.

Contact: emiliakmann@gmail.com
I: @ekmann.studio