Rocks? Fibers and Dyeing Exploration.

Fall 2017 Studio Project.

Experiment in dyeing and shaping silk noil using acid dyes and heat. This project intends to invoke the calm sensation that arises from water flowing over and around rocks in a river.

This textile was created by first wrapping the silk fabric around rocks with string and then letting the whole arrangement sit for a few days. The fabric (rocks included) was then dyed in a blue acid dye bath. The fabric, with the rocks still tied inside, was then removed from the acid dye bath, washed, and dried with a hair dryer. After drying, more string was tied around the fabric and it was placed in another bath of boiling water. Black acid dye was then dropped directly on to the fabric (contributing to the dark spots). The fabric was then removed from the dye bath and dried  again using a hair dryer. Finally the rocks were removed.

Silk wrapped around rocks. Orange rosebuds for decor

Dye Process