Fall 2016 Studio Project.

In collaboration with Jiaju Ma.
The snake motif is prominent in many mythologies worldwide—from the ancient Chinese snake-headed woman, Nüwa, who created humans, to the evil Nordic snake God, Nidhogg, who gnawed away at the roots of the sacred tree of life. This sculpture is intended to create a mythological wonderland that can be explored and that emulates the intimate and all-encompassing presence of life and death in our lives.
Snake heads and flowers were created using existing Rhino models that were exploded, triangulated, laser-cut in Bristol paper, and then reassembled.
Exhibited in Re: Memory, 9th Annual Brown|RISD Dual Degree Exhibition, Granoff Center for the Arts, January 17 - February 13, 2017.

Work presented at re:memory the 9th Annual Dual Degree Exhibition

Renderings of the Formation Done in Rhino