Drowning in Geometry

Fall 2018 Studio Project.

Model: Kalyani Kastor (check out her work here)

Prompted to "redefine form" this project explores the interaction that results from the imposition of an abstract geometric shape upon the organic human form. It also questions what can be defined as a "shirt" or "skirt" as the abstract geometric shape can be untied and retied in various configurations in order to function as either of these items, thus enabling the user define their own "form".
Exhibited in Parallels, the 11th Annual Brown|RISD Dual Degree Exhibition January 24th, 2019-February 17th 2019

This project began with exploring the architecture of Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava, as examples of organic--yet fundamentally geometric--forms interacting with the natural environment. It then shifted to understanding different techniques designers, such as Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake, Iris Van Herpen, and Junya Watanabe, use to express sculptural or geometric concepts on the human body. The study that resulted in the final design pictured above was the deconstruction of American painter Frank Stella's black and white paintings into geometric forms that were then rearranged and placed on a human form. One of these shapes was selected and rotated to discover the different ways the same shape could be "worn" as a "shirt" or a "skirt" with the aid of a tying mechanism.

The ability for shape to be worn as both a "shirt" and a "skirt" was further explored during the creation of the first muslin mock up. The fabrication technique of pleating the material was also developed through experimentation with the muslin.

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Initial Prototypes

Variations on the Skirt